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A new step!

25 Nov

I usually buy my soapmaking supplies from a craft store near by. They have a few good products but it’s really limited in term of scent and essential oil.I can’t blame them, I guess this is not a popular hobby here in Trois-Rivieres (Canada).

I knew I could buy a lot of good products online but I didn’t know which place I could really trust. I needed to talk to a real person who really buy from the company. Which I finally did. So I placed an order a few days ago!

I’m really excited! I did not receive it yet but only the fact that I orded from a big profesionnal place is a big step for me. This place also sell a line of organic product, which is a very important criteria for me. I mean, I make soap to wash my body, I don’t want anything but the best to go on my skin.

I will share more information as soon as I’ll try it!

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Where I find my inspiration

23 Nov

sun in my hands
To create, I first need some inspiration. But where do I find this inspiration? Mostly, from events that happen to me during the day and also from some reading. I love to read books since.. forever (or since I can read!) and blogs since… they exists!

I visit about fifteen different blogs on a daily basis including eight that are in english. I did not “choose” those blog, I just ended up on them at some point, liked them and added them to my bookmarks. In the footer of this blog, I call them “Other inspirations”. Some of them were a girl like me, with a crappy job… and they started little business. Now, they can live from their businesses that aren’t so small anymore.

I don’t want to copy their business but by reading their blogs, I think I can learn a lot. And this is so inspiring! If you are like me, trying to start a craft business or a small business, you should visit the pages listed in “Other Inspirations” !

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My handmade soaps

22 Nov

soap bubbles

Did you have a look at My Handmade Soaps section? What do you think of my soaps? What do you think of the labels, the name? If they were for sale, would you consider buying them?

So many questions can come in mind before starting a new business. The look of the product and the brand is very important. The quality is important too but before the quality can be tested, it is the look that convince someone to buy a new product.

Have you been there before? I mean, asking yourself all those questions?

What do you think of the picture in My Handmade Soaps section?

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A fresh start

20 Nov

My inspiration

If you aren’t new on this blog, you are probably wondering Where am I?  Why is this in English? Well, this is a fresh start! I still have a French blog about art, music and myself!

About this fresh start…

I am entering a new phase of my blog. I am planning on blogging about the steps I am taking to achieve my goal: working full-time from home. Doing what? Well, that’s the question!

At the moment, I make soaps. This is a hobby… but a serious one! I have been making them for a lot of my friend and family and they love them!

I also write and I love it. I write mostly in French and that’s another reason why this is a fresh start for me.

Oh…I knit too!

So I am planning on writing about creative hobbies and the way to change them into a business!

If you follow me, you will learn more about me and about everything that need to be done in order to be successful in the handmade business.

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