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It’s About Time…

5 Dec

It’s about time that I leave my job. Once again, I had one of those crazy week end where guest were yelling at me and there was nothing I could do for them because… well, because I can’t. I have some power… power over account payable, end of the month reports … oh! and printing checks! But if a guest complain, there is not much I can do, even if he is damn right!

So, right now, I am doing some personnal accounting. I need to figure out how much per month I need to earn in order to pay my bills. I am going to keep my crazy job for now and start my handsoap business in january. As soon as my business is going well enough, I am going to quit this day job. Because I am unhappy, stressed out and because it is making me cry at least once a month.

By the way, I found the name of my business! And I am going to share it with you really soon 🙂

I will end this post with a question: What is your story? Did you quit an awful day job? How did you start your own business? (You can paste blog post link if you already talked about it on your blogs!)


Another step on the way!

1 Dec

I am all about going step by step. A little bit like the NKOTB use to do. I received my order of supplies last week and it was just awesome! I wasn’t sure about the quality of what I would receive because I thought it was so cheap compare to what I pay in the craft store.  Well, I know where I will order from now on! They even wrote me a thank you note 🙂  so cuuuute!

The next step is for soon. I am going to settle on the final name of my soap company and move this blog onto a new domain. I find it difficult to choose a name for a company. There are so many things to think about.

I want something that can be easily said in French and English. I am Canadian… so I want to respect my 2 official languages!

I want something that is still available as a domain name! And this is difficult. Some people are buying good domain names to resell them at the big price. So unfair for small businesses!

I will let you know of course!

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