Another step on the way!

1 Dec

I am all about going step by step. A little bit like the NKOTB use to do. I received my order of supplies last week and it was just awesome! I wasn’t sure about the quality of what I would receive because I thought it was so cheap compare to what I pay in the craft store.  Well, I know where I will order from now on! They even wrote me a thank you note 🙂  so cuuuute!

The next step is for soon. I am going to settle on the final name of my soap company and move this blog onto a new domain. I find it difficult to choose a name for a company. There are so many things to think about.

I want something that can be easily said in French and English. I am Canadian… so I want to respect my 2 official languages!

I want something that is still available as a domain name! And this is difficult. Some people are buying good domain names to resell them at the big price. So unfair for small businesses!

I will let you know of course!

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