I’m Marie Noelle Marineau. I want to share a few thoughts on creativity and handmade business. I am a soap maker, a writer and an entrepreneur-to-be. I am planning on blogging about the steps I am taking to achieve my goal: working full-time from home.

I’m still going to school, part-time. I am a few credit away from my bachelor’s degree in Leisure study. In the past, I graduated from college in Hotel Management and worked 3 years as a manager in that field. It was too stressful for me so I went back to school.

My experience as a manager make me think that starting my own business is something that I can do with success. I am just waiting for the right moment and to have all the best tools to succeed in my handmade soap business.

On this site, you will learn more about me and about everything that need to be done in order to be successful in the handmade business.

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